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This CD is my jewel. It is my 8th CD and my first truly independent project. It took  2 years to complete. When an artist pours their heart and soul and vision into a CD which truly reflects who they are musically and artistically, it shows. I chose to call this CD Chameleon not only because I’ve recorded a cover of a famous Herbie Hancock song, but mostly because I feel that it describes me as an Artist. I’ve always been an Artist of many colors, always changing styles to reflect my creative personality and my admiration for different genres of music. This also applies to the visual Artist in me as well which is why I came up with the concept for the CD cover, portraying myself half woman/half chameleon.

It was wonderful to have total creative control on this CD, musically and visually. This Cd is filled with contemporary Jazz, (which I call Neo Jazz), old Sshool funk, vocals, R&B, and latin grooves. I hope that my old fans will like it as much as my previous CDs and I hope that I acquire some new fans along the way. Please help support Indie Artists who have not always been able to reap the benefits they have always deserved while being signed to major record labels. As a female saxophonist, it has not always been easy to break the barriers of a field dominated by male saxophonists, but I would like to thank all of my fans for their continued loyal support to help me stay in the game. If you like Neo-jazz, smooth instrumental grooves, edgy old school funk, sultry ballads, danceable tracks, sexy grooves and just plain old “make you feel good music while you’re cruising down the highway or just kicking back at home”, this cd is one to add to your collection!”

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