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The Perfect Love, a sensual funk label debut by one of the best performers on the smooth groove scene, Pamela Williams. Williams kindly obliges smooth jazz radio with some instantly kick-back and like-able tracks right off the bat. Yet as nice, catchy, and easy grooving as  After Glow and Just As We Are are, there's a sense that Williams is pleasantly holding back just a bit. Ditto the kindly, sweet-talking Unconditional which is one of three songs written by label mate saxman Kim Waters. Williams eventually lets loose, however, and the heavier grooves of Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger stimulate some more aggressive playing, backed by some snazzy horns and a dreamy retro vibe. Even more fun and  intense is her slamming, slightly bluesy crunch-funk take on Prince's Sexy M.FWhipped, which she more than accepts with constantly powerful bursts of energy. The label also cleverly pairs her with another label great, keyboardist Kevin Toney  whose optimistic keys play off Williams' cool perfectly on Twin Souls. Overall, it's a perfectly balanced disc and listeners may be

seduced by the cool and might find a more perfect love by the fire.

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