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There are a lot of odds to beat in the recording industry, and it’s not often that a young, female debut artist is able to do just that. But saxophonist Pamela Williams proved once again that she was made of just the right stuff to catapult her into the spotlight yet a second time with Eight Days Of Ecstasy. The follow up to her debut smash Saxtress , Eight Days of Ecstasy delivers an intoxicating blend of smooth jazz, hip-hop and urban-laced grooves. Pamela’s material selection for her new release crosses a multitude of boundaries. “Eight Days Of Ecstasy" is diverse like Saxtress. I like to incorporate lots of different styles into my playing. And this time I got a chance to do some writing and producing, which was very satisfying,“ stated Williams. Pamela’s growth as a player, writer and a producer was certainly evidenced on this second release. Her “saxuality” on the self-penned title track Eight Days of Ecstasy demonstrates Pamela’s ability to lure the listener into a musical world all unto itself. Another mood-provoking cut, I’ll Be There For You, is a heartstring-tugging vocal ballad where she is joined by Darnel Alexander and David Booker of the R&B group 2nd Nature. Her collaboration with fellow saxophonist Gerald Albright on Scarlet is a groove-driven highlight. Pump Up The Heat is a sold bass infused groove and became the most popular single. The remakes of Still In Love sung by Debra Laws and the classic Natalie Cole remake, I’ve Got Love On My Mind sung by 2nd Nature are sure bets to follow in the footsteps of Williams’ “Secret Garden” success.

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