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Saxtress, Pamela Williams’ debut album on the Heads Up International label, makes it abundantly clear that this R&B/jazz/pop saxophonist was no stranger to versatility. 

A diverse collection, Williams’ music ranges from the gently caressing Castine and "Angels Among Us" to the sweaty title track The Saxtress to a haunting and hypnotic Ladies Night. The Saxtress CD reflects not only Williams’ primary inspirations — R&B, funk and jazz — but also illustrates her passion for diversity, ranging from her Latin-tinged music on The Matador and the Maiden and  Latin Lullaby, to a gospel, gritty version of Aretha Franklin’s 1960s soul classic Natural Woman.

Yet, the song that no doubt will attract the most attention is an inspired remake of Quincy Jones’ seductive ballad "The Secret Garden," which boasts guest performances by soul goddesses Patti LaBelle and Teena Marie — the latter also heard on the dramatic "Latin Lullaby." Named the “Top New Female Contemporary Jazz Artist” of 1996, Pamela’s Saxtress spent over 5 months on the Billboard charts. She was also the darling of Smooth Jazz radio, and Urban AC stations embraced the hit single Secret Garden and didn’t let go!

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